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The FIBT Medical Committee has several tasks: 

  • To manage the FIBT Anti-doping programme
  • To collect and interpret injury and illness statistics
  • To advise the FIBT on medical and anti-doping matters


Race Doctor The following must be available at the track during the training runs and the race heats:

  • One medical specialist with knowledge of emergency medical aid 
  • Two ambulances

The Organiser shall be attentive to this regulation, as the Organiser is responsible for compliance with these requirements.

The FIBT Medical Committee decides on any possible exceptions to the above. The Jury President must be informed of these exceptions prior to the start of the official training.

Tasks of the Race Doctor: 

  • He is responsible for the first medical aid for injuries and illnesses of the athlete.
  • He directs the transport of injured or ill athletes for further medical treatment. 

The Race Doctor must complete an Injury Registration Document after every examination of an athlete. At the end of the competition, all of these documents must be sealed in an envelope and given to the Jury President, who shall immediately forward the envelope by mail to the Chairman of the FIB Medical Committee.

After every crash, the athlete must present himself to the Race Doctor for an examination in order to obtain authorization to participate further in training or in the race. If the Race Doctor suspects a head injury, he is entitled to prohibit the athlete concerned from further participation. In these cases, the Race Doctor must Immediately inform the Jury President of the athlete’s inability to continue to participate in the competition, and the athlete is accordingly officially removed from the competition.

If an athlete is removed from the competition due to an injury, the Race Doctor must complete the List of Athletes Removed from the Competition Due to Serious Injury and give it to the Jury President, who must immediately forward the document to the Chairman of the FIBT Medical Committee.


In cases of head injury, the team doctor decides on the exclusion of the athlete concerned from the competition.

If a nation does not have its own team doctor, the Race Doctor shall decide.

Athlete Injury and Illness Registration

As stated in the FIBT rules paragraph 9, all FIBT events must have a qualified medical doctor present at training and competition events 

To aid the Medical Committee in collecting data, all FIBT Event Organisers are obliged to ensure that Race Doctor has completed an FIBT Injury Registration Document for each injured athlete and that have been sent by email to Dr. Eugene Byrne (dreugenebyrne(at)gmail.com) immediately after the event. 

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