Bank Fees

Fee Schedule for First International Bank & Trust
Service Fee

Account reconciliation

$20 per hour

Account research

$35 per hour/$.25 per copy/$35 min.

Balance inquiries

No charge

Bill Pay through Online Banking

No monthly fee
Same day payment: $9.95
Overnight payment: $14.95

CashCard (ATM) and Check &CashCard (Debit) replacement


Cashier’s checks

$5 each

Collection items

$25 each

Continuous Overdraft Balance Fee*

$30 each 5th business day

Duplicate statements

$2 each

Early account closing

$10 for accounts opened less than 6 months

Fax receiving

$.50 per page

Fax transmittals

$2 for 1st page, $1 per page thereafter

Foreign cashier’s checks

$25 each

Garnishments and levies

$35 charge

Indemnity bonds

$25 each


$1 per page

Night depository bags

Cost varies with size

Overdraft fee – savings

$30 per item

Paid Overdraft Item Fee*

$30 per item


$.25 per copy

Returned item fee*

$30 per item

Rushed Check & CashCard (Debit) card fee

$50 for overnight delivery service

Stop payments

$30 per item or $60 per range of items

Telephone transfers

No charge

Visa Gift Card***

$4.95 each

Visa Travel Card***

$9.95 each

Dormant charges:

Checking acct – 1 yr. no activity

$5 per month if balance falls below $1,000.00

Savings acct – 2 yrs. no activity

$6 per quarter if balance falls below $1,000.00

Notary Services:


No charge

Non-customers in ND

$5 per item (as allowed by law)

Non-customers in AZ

$2 per item (as allowed by law)

Non-customers in MN

$1 per item (as allowed by law)

Zelle® through online banking


$.50 per person to person
next day transfer

Zelle® Instant Payment

$3.50 per person to person transfer

Request Money

$.75 per request transaction

Safe deposit boxes:**


Based on size and availability

Lost key and forced entry

$40 minimum

Wire transfers – outgoing:


$20 each

Heritage Club Members

$15 each

Non-Consumer (Business)

$30 each

Wire Transfers – Incoming

$15 each

International Wires

$60 + costs