Overdraft Coverage Options

We Make it Easy to Avoid Overdraft Fees on Your Account.

Take some of the work out of managing your cash flow. Protect your accounts from costly and inconvenient overdraft fees.

Overdraft Protection Link to Another Deposit Account ›
Arrange to make automatic transfers from your savings to your checking account when your balance falls below zero.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit ›
Attach a First Reserve Loan line of credit to your checking account that provides overdraft protection.

Overdraft Privilege ›
Unexpected overdrafts occur from time to time.

Overdraft Coverage Cost

Overdraft Protection Link to Another Deposit Account you have at First International Bank & Trust1$0 fee per transfer.
Overdraft Protection Line of Credit1,2$0 fee per advance, subject to 21.00% APR on advances.
Overdraft Privilege$30 Paid Overdraft Item Fee per item. Daily fee may apply.
1Contact us at (800) 359-8092, or stop by a branch to sign up or apply for these services. 2Subject to credit approval.

Overdraft Privilege

If you want to authorize and pay overdrafts caused by ATM and everyday debit card transactions (Extended Coverage), tell us by using one of the following methods:

  • Complete the online consent form by logging into online banking
  • Call 1-800-359-8090
  • Print the online consent form in online banking and mail it to:
    PO Box 607, Watford City, ND 58854
  • Visit one of our convenient local branches

Learn more about Overdraft Privilege.
Complete disclosures available here.

Note: Business accounts automatically have access to Overdraft Privilege for ATM and everyday debit card transactions (Extended Coverage).