Popmoney for Mobile Devices

Want to send money to friends and family directly from your mobile device? Not a problem! Popmoney is the fast, safe and easy way to send money to anyone in the U.S. by email or text message.

Not sure when you'd use Popmoney? How about to:
  • Send money to your child at college
  • Reimburse friends for that fun outing
  • Pay your babysitter or your lawn care service
  • Pay rent to your landlord or roommates
How does it work?

Popmoney for your mobile device is tied to your Online Banking Account and to your Bill Pay. Don't have Online Banking or Bill Pay yet?

  • Enroll in Online Banking
  • Enroll in Bill Pay
To send money using Popmoney on your mobile device, simply:
  1. Log into your Mobile App or Mobile Browser Link.
  2. Click on the 'Payments' icon
  3. Click on 'Popmoney' and click on 'Send Money'
  4. Add contacts from your phone or select from those you may have set up in Online Banking's Popmoney.
  5. Select the account you want to pay from, enter the dollar amount and message
  6. Click 'Continue' and review the payment you're sending
  7. Confirm your payment and you're done!
To accept money sent to you on your mobile device*:
  1. Log into your Mobile App or Mobile Browser Link
  2. Click on the 'Payments' icon
  3. Click on 'Popmoney' and click on 'To-Do's'
  4. Accept payments *After you've accepted money once, your payments will default to automatic deposit for future Popmoney payments. Need to cancel a Popmoney payment you made on your mobile device? You can only cancel Popmoney payments by logging into Online Banking and clicking on Popmoney, located within Bill Pay. It's that simple! If you have questions with Popmoney, you can call our Customer Care Center at 1-800-359-8092 or Popmoney directly at 1-877-675-6378.