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Additional First International Bank & Trust Services

Financial solutions under a single roof

Use and manage your money in a way that works for your life. First International Bank & Trust offers convenient solutions for sending, spending, and safe-keeping your money.

FIBT CardApp

Real-Time Alerts For All Card Transactions

The FIBT CardApp is available in both Apple and Android app stores. This new application allows you real-time access to transactional information and the ability to manage and monitor your spending.

The FIBT CardApp allows you to:

  • Instantly turn your card on and off with the click of a button
  • Set up and receive real-time alerts for all transactions
  • Report cards as lost or stolen
  • Break down your transactions by what was spent, when it was spent, and where it was spent
  • Access your digital cards within a mobile wallet
  • Control your transactions by location, merchant type, and amount

To get started with FIBT CardApp, visit the Setup Guide for instructions on how to download the app.

If you have any questions, please read through the CardApp FAQ or Contact Us for assistance.

Download App (iOS) Download App (Android)

Visa Prepaid/Gift Cards

Shop with confidence, or give the perfect gift with a prepaid Visa

A convenient, simple choice for busy shoppers. Gift cards* are the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings, or any occasion because they are safer than cash, easy to use, and can be used anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted (except at pay-at-pump fuel purchases, hotels or car rentals).

  • Low fee of just $4.95
  • Load your card with up to $1,000
  • Send money, spend money or travel with confidence

Visit one of our locations to purchase a prepaid Visa for yourself, or as a gift for someone else.

* FDIC does NOT insure gift cards.

Wire Transfers

Send and receive money seamlessly and securely

Transfer money quickly from your First International Bank & Trust account to someone else’s account at any financial institution. An electronic wire transfer can be made from one bank account to another, with funds typically made available the same business day.

Incoming Domestic Wire Transfers

All incoming wire transfers within the United States are received by First International Bank & Trust and then credited to the customer’s account based on the wiring instructions below. Wires are received until 5 PM (CST). A wire being sent within the United States generally takes 1-2 hours once it has been sent.

Wire Instructions:
Send to: First International Bank & Trust
ABA/Routing Number: 091305031
Beneficiary: Account Number and Customer Name

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers

To initiate an outgoing Wire Transfer, customers must come into a branch unless a phone wire agreement is set up with the wires department. To set up an agreement, please contact your local branch. The cutoff time for international wires is 2 PM (CST) and domestic wires is 3:30 PM (CST).

Please note - only funds that are considered collected may be wired.

To conduct a wire transfer, visit one of our First International Bank & Trust branches or contact us for more information.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Store important documents and valuable items

Most branch locations of First International Bank & Trust offer safe deposit boxes for your important records and valuable or sentimental items that need secure storage.* Protect your irreplaceable belongings, and important paperwork from being misplaced or stolen, or lost in a fire or flood.

  • A variety of different sizes are available.
  • Rentals are based on size and availability.
  • If you’d like to set up a safe deposit box, contact First International Bank & Trust for details.

* FDIC does not insure safe deposit box contents.

Bank Fees

Fee Schedule for First International Bank & Trust

  • Learn more about our Bank Fees

    • ServiceFee
      Account research$35 per hour/$.25 per copy/$35 min.
      Balance inquiriesNo charge
      Bill Pay through Online BankingNo monthly fee
      Same day payment: $9.95
      Overnight payment: $14.95
      ATM and Debit Card replacement$5 each
      Cashier’s checks$5 each
      Collection items$25 each
      Continuous Overdraft Balance Fee*$30 each 5th business day
      Early account closing$10 for accounts opened less than 6 months
      Fax receiving$.50 per page
      Fax transmittals$2 for 1st page, $1 per page thereafter
      Garnishments and levies$35 charge
      Indemnity bonds$25 each
      Laminating$1 per page
      Night depository bagsCost varies with size
      Overdraft fee – Savings Account*$30
      Paid Overdraft Fee*$30
      Photocopies$.25 per copy
      Returned NSF fee*$30
      Rushed Debit card fee$50 for overnight delivery service
      Stop payments$30 per item or $60 per range of items
      Telephone transfersNo charge
      Visa Prepaid Gift Cards***$4.95 each
      Visa Prepaid Travel Cards***$9.95 each
      Dormant charges:
      Checking acct – 1 yr. no activity$5 per month if balance falls below $1,000.00
      Savings acct – 2 yrs. no activity$6 per quarter if balance falls below $1,000.00
      Notary Services:
      CustomersNo charge
      Non-customers in ND$5 per item (as allowed by law)
      Non-customers in AZ$2 per item (as allowed by law)
      Non-customers in MN$1 per item (as allowed by law)
      Safe deposit boxes:**
      RentalBased on size and availability
      Lost key and forced entryBased on size, see local Branch
      Wire transfers – outgoing:
      Consumer$20 each
      Heritage Club Members$15 each
      Wire Transfers – Incoming$15 each
      International Wires$60 + costs per wire