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CDs and IRAs

Savings options to suit any stage of life

From saving for a rainy day to higher education or retirement, we have savings options to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward option to earn interest, or need some liquidity for your assets, we can tailor a solution for your situation.

Certificate of Deposit

A Secure way to grow your money

With our CDs, you decide how long you want to invest your money. We offer a variety of terms providing just the right length to help you meet your savings goals. CDs offer a safe investment, with competitive interest rates.

Choose from a wide range of CD Options
Whichever term or type of CD you’d like, you’re sure to find the right product to meet your needs. Rates on all of our CDs are updated regularly to reflect market conditions.

Varying Terms
Up to 120 months.

Compounded Interest
Earnings can be compounded or deposited to an account with us or another financial institution. Special rates may be available to checking and savings account customers.

Additional Information

  • Based on the term or type of certificate, there are minimum balance requirements and substantial penalties for early withdrawal.
  • Interest rates are subject to change at maturity.

Open a Certificate of Deposit

Truth in Savings Disclosure – Over $250,000

Truth in Savings Disclosure – Less $250,000

Higher Learning Fund

Save now for a priceless investment in the future

Education is at once priceless and incredibly pricy. Higher Learning Fund is a certificate of deposit designed to help families save for the future education of their children.

Flexible Deposits
$100 to open the account. Additional deposits can be made at any time, at any dollar amount.

Maturity upon Graduation
Maturity date is based on date of opening and July of graduation year from high school. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

Variable Interest
The rate may change after account is opened.

For more information on Certificates of deposit, contact us or visit one of our First International Bank & Trust locations.

Truth in Savings Disclosure

CDARS Protection

Protect your Asset with CDARS

The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® – is the most convenient way to access FDIC insurance on multi-million-dollar CD deposits and to earn CD-level rates, which often compare favorably to Treasuries and money market mutual funds.

One Bank
Access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance coverage directly through First International Bank & Trust.

One Rate
Access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance coverage by working directly with just one bank, a bank you may already know and trust.

One Statement
Receive one easy-to-read statement from your bank summarizing all your CD holdings.

IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts)

Put your retirement dollars to work

IRAs, or Individual Retirement Accounts, can provide a tax benefit today, because you may be able to deduct all or part of your annual contribution from the gross income of your taxes. We offer traditional and Roth IRA plans.

Traditional IRA

Invest in your future

With a traditional IRA, you pay taxes after you retire, when you withdraw your money.

Get your traditional IRA started through us
Anyone under age 70½ who earns taxable income can have a traditional IRA. Contributions may or may not be taxable, depending on several factors:

  • How much you earn
  • Your tax filing status
  • Whether or not you receive social security
  • Whether or not you have access to a retirement plan at work.

Deductible Traditional IRA
Deductible IRA contributions can be deducted from your taxable income.

Non-Deductible Traditional IRA
Contributions to a non-deductible IRA are funded “after taxes.” These contributions can’t be deducted when you file your tax return.

Open a Traditional IRA
To open your IRA, contact us or visit one of our First International Bank & Trust locations.

Roth IRA

Grow your money, tax-free

Roth IRAs are different from traditional IRAs in that you pay taxes on the money you contribute today, but you can withdraw funds during retirement tax-free. Contribution levels are limited by your income.

Grow tax-free earnings
A Roth IRA is a unique way to fund your retirement, because you pay taxes on your contributions, but the money grows tax-free. There are no additional taxes to pay when you withdraw funds during retirement. You can contribute to a Roth IRA if you earn taxable income and meet certain other conditions. Find current Roth IRA Income limits as set by the government.

Penalty-Free Withdrawals
You can withdraw any funds you contribute for any reason, without paying a penalty (You can be penalized for any early withdrawal on earnings).

Open a Roth IRA
To open an IRA, contact us or visit one of our First International Bank & Trust locations.

IRAs at a glance

Know the benefits and limitations of Traditional IRAS and Roth IRAs.

BenefitsTraditional IRARoth IRA
Tax-Deductible ContributionsYes (deductible traditional IRA only)No
Tax-Free EarningsNo (You only pay taxes when you withdraw after you retire)Yes
Tax-Free Withdrawals after RetirementNoYes
Income LimitsYes (Deductible)
No (Non-Deductible)