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Mineral & Land Services Management

Navigate your Mineral Rights

Our Mineral & Land Services Division provides a single clearing-house for all issues facing mineral rights owners, and a trusted liaison to act in your best interest in managing relationships with oil companies. Our management, appraisal, and consulting services, coupled with our MineralTracker software, best position our clients to build and preserve their wealth.

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Mineral Management

Make the most of Mineral Ownership

Protecting your assets and maximizing their value requires knowledge that can only come through experience. Our team of experts includes petroleum engineers, land managers, and oil and gas attorneys with extensive industry experience. Whether you are a private mineral owner or a professional non-operator, we are here to take away the stress of managing this great legacy and help you Live First.

Under Mineral Management, we continuously monitor revenue and well performance. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist with payment discrepancies, title issues, contract negotiations, tax assistance, and ownership strategies. Most importantly, we are your trusted liaison towards any third parties.


Take control of your minerals

Our team of local experts created a simple technology that will revolutionize how you manage your minerals. MineralTracker, Powered by First International Bank & Trust, allows you to audit your monthly checks, forecast future revenue and production, store your documents, and map your wells.


Mineral Appraisal

Know what your minerals are worth

Understanding the value of your minerals will help you make informed decisions today that will benefit the next generation. We utilize best practices in petroleum reservoir engineering to perform decline curve analysis on your wells to estimate the remaining value of those active wells. In addition, we determine the potential of future activity specific to the geology and region of your mineral, royalty, and/or working interest.

Oil and Gas Asset Sales

Optimize the sale of your minerals

Whether you are a private mineral owner or a professional in the A&D space, we have a solution for you. Our team has a strong pulse on the market and is well connected in the industry. If you are thinking about selling your oil or gas rights, we will partner with you to optimize the sales price for your asset.

Reserves Based Lending

Flexibility for funding

The different phases within the lifetime of an oil and gas project such as exploration, development, production, plateau, decline, and decommissioning require flexibility in terms of funding. Our Reserves Based Lending program gives individuals and enterprises the ability to use future production as collateral to fund today’s needs.


Expertise for every need

We specialize in assisting businesses and professional owners in complex oil and gas related issues and transactions, including well and reserves analysis, midstream, salt water disposals, and surface issues. Some examples of specialty services we offer include:

  • Ownership Research
  • Landman Services
  • Expert Witness

Land Management

Plan your legacy

Passing down a farm or ranch to the next generation can provide your heirs with a secure, long-term income stream if the land is well-managed. While each situation is unique, our land management professionals at FIBT can create a customized plan to promote the protection of your family’s legacy. We are here to help with:

  • Facilitation of crucial conversations
  • Gathering pertinent business data
  • Creating a customized solution for your operation
  • Managing land tenant relationships
  • Continued maintenance of plan or trust

Our Team

Work with an industry expert

In an industry filled with complex terminology and legal caveats, our aim is to help you understand what you have, and how to get the most from it. Many of your customers find themselves in mineral ownership groups with extended family or other unintended business partners. Goals and interests can be as varied. Matters can become more complex when group members are spread across the country, or when later generations inherit the assets.

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