ACH Payments

Business Online Banking provides tools to create efficiencies and streamline transaction processing using ACH services. ACH Manager, a browser-based ACH transfer processing solution, features streamlined, flexible and automated processing of ACH transactions with no accounting software necessary.

Benefits of ACH Services

With ACH Manager, users are able to create ACH files online, enabling your business to run more efficiently with these benefits:

  • Offer direct deposit to employees
  • Make invoice and tax payments
  • Perform fund transfers between financial institutions
  • Reduce paper check costs

ACH Payment Options

  • Payment information entered into Business Online Banking’s ACH Manager
  • ACH file prepared with accounting software and uploaded into Business Online Banking’s ACH Manager

What You Need to Know About ACH Payments

  • ACH Payments are included in both Business Banking Tier 2 and 3
  • Deadline for file delivery varies. Please contact your local branch for details
  • First International Bank & Trust requires availability of funds in the affected account prior to processing

Get Started Now!

Talk with a business banking expert by contacting your local branch or email to learn more about ACH payments.