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Treasury Management Services

Run your business more effectively and efficiently

Stress less and focus on what matters most, your business

Payroll and Transaction Processing with ACH Payments

Streamline transaction processing

ACH Manager, a browser-based ACH transfer processing solution, features streamlined, flexible and automated processing of ACH transactions with no accounting software necessary.

With ACH Manager, users are able to import or create ACH files online, enabling your business to run more efficiently with these benefits:

  • Offer direct deposit to employees.
  • Make invoice and tax payments.
  • Perform fund transfers between financial institutions.
  • Reduce paper check costs.

What you need to know about ACH payments:

  • ACH Payments are included in both Business Banking Tier 2 and 3.
  • Deadline for file delivery varies. Please contact your local branch for details.
  • First International Bank & Trust requires availability of funds prior to processing.

Wire Transfers

Send payments seamlessly and securely

Transfer money quickly from your First International Bank & Trust account to someone else’s account at any financial institution. An electronic wire transfer can be made from one bank account to another, with funds typically made available the same business day.

Incoming Domestic Wire Transfers

All incoming wire transfers within the United States are received by First International Bank & Trust and then credited to the customer’s account based on the wiring instructions below. Wires are received until 5 PM (CST). A wire being sent within the United States generally takes 1-2 hours once it has been sent.

Wire Instructions:

Send to: First International Bank & Trust
ABA/Routing Number: 091305031
Beneficiary: Account Number and Customer Name

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers

To initiate an outgoing Wire Transfer, customers must come into a branch unless a phone wire agreement is set up with the wires department. To set up an agreement, please contact your local branch. The cutoff time for international wires is 2 PM (CST) and domestic wires is 3:30 PM (CST).

Please note - only funds that are considered collected may be wired.

To conduct a wire transfer, visit one of our First International Bank & Trust branches or contact us for more information.

Dual Control

Protect your business with Dual Control capabilities

Protect your business with the added security of Dual Control. Dual Control requires two people to initiate the transaction, one to create it and the other to approve it.

Dual control allows you to reduce the risk of internal fraud and decrease the risk of error by conducting a secondary review on

  • Internal transfers
  • Wire transfers
  • ACH transfers

Talk with a business banking expert by contacting your local branch email to set up and learn more about Dual Control.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make deposits from your desk

Remote Deposit Capture is a remote deposit product that uses a desktop scanner connected to your PC and the Internet to scan checks received from customers in your office. With Remote Deposit Capture, you can save time, and make deposits anytime.

  • Streamline your check deposit process and better manage your receivables.
  • Added convenience with the ability to make deposits outside of normal banking hours.
  • Save time preparing deposits.
  • Reduce costs spent on courier fees or trips to the bank.
  • Deposit funds from multiple offices into one or more accounts at one bank.
  • Deposit checks for large dollar amounts.

To activate Remote Deposit Capture, you will need an account with First International Bank & Trust, Internet connection, compatible operating system and a properly installed Desktop Check Scanner

Positive Pay

Reduce check and ACH fraud

Be proactive in reducing the possibility of losses incurred by fraud, rather than reacting after fraud has occurred. Based on the needs of your organization, you may choose to implement Check Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay or bundle and save with both services.

  • Check Positive Pay compares checks presented for payment to your issued-check files verifying check numbers, dollar amounts and issue dates. Additionally, you have the control to designate approved payees. Exception items are presented to you for “pay or return” decisions on a daily basis, giving you peace of mind.
  • ACH Positive Pay, an extension of traditional Positive Pay, allows you to accept ACH transactions you authorize and return those you do not.

Benefits of Positive Pay

  • System comparison of checks written and checks being presented for payment
  • Pay only authorized ACH transactions
  • Automated emails notifying you of the exception items
  • Online exception management enables you to make pay or return decisions
  • Full account reconciliation to assist with balancing your bank statement

Merchant Services

Simplify payment processing

Whether your business already accepts credit cards, or you’re ready to enhance the payment methods available to your customers, we can help you with a solution that complements your business.

Our payment solutions are tailored to your individual business needs. Before we offer a solution, First International Bank & Trust and Kotapay, along with our processing partner, BASYS, will perform an in-depth analysis of your business’ processing needs.

Learn more about credit card merchant services by visiting Kotapay’s website.

Lockbox Services

Simplify your mailed payments

Save time and improve cash flow by outsourcing the processing of your mailed payments. Lockbox services automate the receipt, processing and deposit of checks sent to you through mail.

  • Faster collections process - internal efficiency
  • Accelerated cash flows - timely payment posting
  • Flexible, customized service
  • Reduced mail float
  • Timely reporting
  • Variety of delivery options
  • Reduced risks
  • Web-based application that provides same-day access to check and document images, lockbox reporting and account activity.
  • Images are retained in the standard image archive for 180 days and can be stored in long-term archive for up to seven years for an additional fee.
  • Exception handling, online decision making allows you to improve efficiency of your accounts receivable processing by allowing immediate decisions on exception items.

Next Level Service and Security with Kotapay

Solutions First

A division of First International Bank & Trust, Kotapay, specializes in processing electronic transactions. Today’s regulatory landscape and the changing needs of the payments industry are best met with the resources only a financial institution can provide. Kotapay now brings even more efficiency and security to your transactions. Kotapay is uniquely situated to manage your electronic payments through advanced BSA/AML, risk mitigation metrics and expanded product offerings.

  • ACH, including direct deposit, and Wire Drawdown, featuring Xcelerated® Returns & Corrections.
  • Credit card information storage, and payment portals.
  • Software solutions that simplify the electronic transaction process.

Learn more about services and solutions by visiting Kotapay’s website.