Wire Transfers

A Fast, Efficient Way to Send or Receive Money.

A wire transfer is a quick way of transferring from your First International Bank & Trust account to someone else’s account at any financial institution.

Incoming Domestic Wire Transfers

All incoming wire transfers within the United States are received by First International Bank & Trust and then credited to the customer’s account based on the wiring instructions below. Wires are received until 5 PM (CST). A wire being sent within the United States generally takes 1-2 hours once it has been sent.

Wire Instructions:

Sent to: First International Bank & Trust
ABA/Routing Number: 091305031
Beneficiary: Account Number and Customer Name

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers

To initiate an outgoing Wire Transfer, customers must come into a branch unless a phone wire agreement is set up with the wires department. To set up an agreement, please contact your local branch. The cutoff time for international wires is 2 PM (CST) and domestic wires is 3:30 PM (CST).

Please note – only funds that are considered collected may be wired.


To conduct a wire transfer, visit one of our First International Bank & Trust branches or Contact Us for more information.