Positive Pay

First International Bank & Trust offers Check Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay as part of our fraud protection services. Check and ACH Positive Pay allow you to be proactive in reducing the possibility of losses incurred due to fraud, rather than reacting after fraud has occurred.

Choose The Best Option For You

Based on the needs of your organization, you may choose to implement Check Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay or bundle and save with both services.

Check Positive Pay compares checks presented for payment to your issued-check files verifying check numbers, dollar amounts and issue dates. Additionally, you have the control to designate approved payees. Exception items are presented to you for “pay or return” decisions on a daily basis, giving you peace of mind.

ACH Positive Pay, an extension of traditional Positive Pay, allows you to accept ACH transactions you authorize and return those you do not.

Benefits of Positive Pay

  • System comparison of checks written and checks being presented for payment
  • Pay only authorized ACH transactions
  • Automated emails notifying you of the exception items
  • Online exception management enables you to make pay or return decisions
  • Full account reconciliation to assist with balancing your bank statement

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