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FIBT AMP Credit Card

Amplify your life

Spend with confidence with the Visa AMP Card. Finance those special large purchases, use in case of emergencies or transfer high-interest balances from your other cards, and take some time to build your credit or simply enjoy the benefits of having a low-interest finance option.

Card Features:

  • No annual fee
  • Competitive rates when you open your account based on your credit worthiness1
  • Introductory APR on Balance Transfers2
  • No interest on purchases and balance transfers if you pay your entire balance by each month’s due date

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Set a Course for Success

Build your credit responsibly

If you are committed to making on-time payments and keeping your balances low compared to your credit limits, the AMP card is the tool you need to successfully build your credit over time. Here are some tips to keep you on track:

  • Set up automatic payments; it’s easy with a linked FIBT account
  • Make your payments on-time, every time
  • Monitor your credit regularly to make sure there are no errors bringing down your credit score


Our Commitment to your Convenience

Use your card with confidence

Our FIBT Credit Card Team is dedicated to creating the best possible experience for our cardholders. We offer all of the online conveniences with comfort of knowing you can call or stop in and visit with our bankers anytime about your account. When you have an issue, our local staff will ensure it is resolved. While we pride ourselves on providing a personal touch, our products provide every convenience you’d expect from a big bank.

  • Make purchases easily with Digital Wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • View your statements and make payments with online Account Management