uChoose Rewards

Earn Rewards When You Use Your Credit Card.

Reward yourself with the uChoose Rewards Program. Manage your points and redeem rewards at www.uchooserewards.com.

Getting Started Is Easy!

  • Register your card for uChoose Rewards online at www.uchooserewards.com
  • Use your credit card to start earning points
  • Redeem your points for cash back and other rewards

Earn Points

  • Shop using your First International Bank & Trust Badlands, First Platinum or Business Credit Card to start earning points
  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent online or in-store
  • Earn additional points by activating monthly offers at national retailers and making purchases in-store or online

Convenient Access

Flexible Rewards

  • Redeem points for rewards like cashback, gift cards, electronics, airline tickets, activity vouches and more
  • Take advantage of the easy cashback option where you can redeem $1 per 100 points, starting at 1,500 points
  • Combine points between multiple credit cards that you or family members have at First International Bank & Trust