Enroll today in our NEW credit score monitoring service called Credit Sense

An exclusive benefit for First International Bank & Trust customers within Online Banking

Credit Sense will allow you to:

  • Instantly see your credit score* inside Online Banking. Scores are updated on demand using a “soft pull” on your credit report which does not affect your score.

  • Set up email notifications and alerts of key changes to your credit report or suspicious activity to help prevent identity fraud.

  • Calculate savings from consolidating, refinancing or assuming new debt.

  • Learn about the factors that most impact and can improve your credit score as well have access to hundreds of articles on credit, debit, spending and saving.

Get started today! Simply sign up in Online or Mobile Banking and enroll by clicking on image shown below.

Picture of sample credit score 

Don’t put this off – take steps today to protect yourself and have peace of mind in this first line of defense against fraud.

Want to learn more? Click the image below to watch our educational video.
Credit Sense Video Image

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*May be different than the credit score used in making credit decisions.