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Overdraft Protection Line of Credit
(First Reserve Loan)

Overdraft Protection for Your Checking Account

Protect your accounts from costly and inconvenient overdrafts. A First Reserve Line of Credit can be added to all qualified checking accounts. Contact Us to apply.

No Interest Is Charged Until Date of Advance
Your overdraft protection is there for you if you need it. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay. There is a $0 fee per advance, subject to 21.00% APR on advances.

Automatic Deposits
A First Reserve Line of Credit may be advanced automatically each time your account is overdrawn by writing a check, ACH, Point of Sale, or ATM transaction, telephone transfer, online banking transfer or in-person withdrawal.

Automatic Payments
24 days after your monthly statement, payments are withdrawn from your checking account automatically. Payment amounts are based on the outstanding balance of your First Reserve loan.