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2017 Live First Community Grant Winners Announced

2017 Live First Community Grant Winners Announced

The winners of the 2017 Live First Community Grant have been selected. There were a total of 45 community groups that participated which attracted over 20,000 Facebook votes!

The following three community groups received the most Facebook votes. The F5 project not only received the most votes, but has been chosen as the grand prize winner of $5,000!

1. $5,000 Award - F5 Project, Fargo, ND

The F5 project believes that to have a better success rate with individuals coming out of jail, prisons, and treatment centers, it needs to be led by those who have succeeded. The F5 project has built relationships with employers, landlords, city and state officials, Fargo Police and Cass County Sheriff’s Dept. and many other volunteers and are seeing great momentum built in the FM community. Five pillars of service: Employment | Transportation | Housing | Recovery |Communications

2. $1,000 Award - Support the Bruin Paw (Fargo South Football), Fargo, ND

Fargo South High School is highly diverse, serving youth from all social strata. The Fargo South football team in particular is a reflection of that diversity. The football program instills an excellent work ethic and a sense of pride in one self as well as pride in being a part of team. Currently 41% of the student body utilizes free or reduced lunches. Last year alone, over 50% of the football team had to rely on scholarships for activity fees and summer camps. Funds will be used to defray costs of activity fees and camp fees for student athletes in need.

3. $1,000 Award - 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, Fargo, ND

4 Luv of Dog Rescue accepts responsibility for care of dogs from local pounds, owners who can't care for them anymore and other rescues who need help. They take dogs into their rescue regardless of their medical needs, age, or breed. They work with prospective adopters to give deserving dogs their forever homes.


“I am very pleased with the response from our communities and proud to congratulate those chosen. In fact, due to the overwhelming response, we couldn’t help but select a few more!” - Peter Stenehjem, President

Three additional community projects received a grant as a part of this program:

1. $2,500 Award - Lakewood Health System/Cardinal Pax, Staples, MN

Cardinal Pax is a backpack food program that aims to provide weekend subsidy of healthy balanced meals in small packs for children who have been identified as food insecure.  The Cardinal Pax is distributed discretely to children via their backpack on Fridays for weekend and/or holiday consumption. The 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment identified approximately 20% of the areas youth live in food insecure households. Weekend packs cost $200/student per school year. This funding will care for 12 students.  

2. $500 Award - Williston Downtowners Association, Williston, ND

The Williston Downtowners Association is seeking funding to provide a festive holiday atmosphere in Downtown Williston buy purchasing outdoor Christmas decorations, of which there are currently none. The community’s resources have been focused on ensuring that the old and young are safe, fed, educated and housed. Main Street has recently experienced revitalization with a new streetscape in 2015-1016. Funds would be used to bring back the nostalgic look and feel of Christmas in our community from decades ago.  

3. $500 Award - Papa's Pumpkin Patch: Education Destination, Bismarck, ND

The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation, Papa’s Pumpkin Patch and The University of Mary have teamed up to create educationally packed elementary and middle school learning experiences at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. A University of Mary student will serve as the Education Coordinator at Papa's Pumpkin Patch charged with transforming traditional field trips into a standards based curriculum. Elementary kids have been visiting Papa’s Pumpkin patch in the fall since 1983. Last pumpkin patch season there were 228 scheduled field trips with nearly 8,000 scheduled participants from 56 different towns in North and South Dakota and Tribal Nations. 

Based on the popularity, we plan to continue the annual tradition of the Live First Community Grant in 2018. 

Introducing Touch ID: Your Single Digit Password

Introducing Touch ID: Your Single Digit Password

The latest update to our mobile banking app introduces Touch ID® support for iPhone users. Accessing your finances has never been faster or easier – now all you need is your fingerprint, no need for a password!

Let’s Get Started:

  1. If you’re an iPhone user and don’t already have the First International Bank & Trust mobile app downloaded on your device, visit the Apple App store and search “First International Bank & Trust” to download the app. 
  2. To enable Touch ID login, simply go to the More tab of your First International Bank & Trust mobile app and select Touch ID Settings.
  3. Once you have enabled Touch ID, you will automatically be prompted for a fingerprint when the app is launched. 
  4. For security purposes, the app will require you to fully authenticate with your password when performing transactions that move funds. For example, transfer money, pay bills, pay a person, etc.).