Mobile App Makeover: Top 4 New Features


Our Mobile Banking app just got a makeover and we wanted to let you know about the new features in our latest update. We will have more major updates and changes coming to mobile and online banking this year, so keep your eyes peeled! Watch for updates on our blog, in your email or by checking the app stores:

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Remember Me Login

New to this version is multi-user logins (similar to our iPad app); you will now have the ability to log in with different sets of credentials thereby accessing different sets of accounts. You can also specify a login ID that the app will remember, prefilling the login field when you open the app. The app still requires you to enter a password.

Click here to see the homepage screen; on this you can also see the ‘Change' icon to switch usernames.

New and Improved Design

The app now has a sleek and modern user interface with a fast, touch-optimized workflow for key tasks. The workflow is more efficient as well; for example, you can view account balances and transaction history on one screen. Newly introduced tools reduce the number of steps needed to accomplish a task. Paying a bill within billpay is now accomplished in just five steps, instead of the 11 steps before, with the addition of the new quick pay options.

Click here to see the ‘Accounts' screen.

On the homepage you will also now see Custom Links (see image below). These are here to keep you up-to-date on the latest information, as well as provide you with quick tools, such as Forgot Password.

Click here to see the “More” screen.


Touch Optimized Screens and Controls

This updated app leverages the best of current touchscreen capabilities. Screens based on large buttons and tiles make it easier to tap successfully on the action you want. Additionally, the updated app leverages device-specific tools that are familiar to you, such as the contact selectors within the app that are standard to Android and iOS.

Click here to see the ‘Deposits' screen.

Intuitive and Easier Navigation

Information has been reorganized to help you quickly review and find items you need; for example, by grouping transactions in Account History by date. Other aspects of the app have also been restructured such as terminology and feature locations. New action buttons are added to some actions such as “Make Another Transfer” button upon completing a transfer (see an example of this here).

The app also provides you with more information to help you make better decisions when taking an action, such as showing all of their contact methods when making a person-to-person payment. For example, when selecting dates, the app now shows today’s date underlined, the due date outlined and the currently selected day in gray.

Questions? Give us a call at 1-800-359-8092.

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