Save a Trip to the Bank with Merchant Capture


Merchant capture. You hear your banker talking about it, but what is it?

Merchant capture or remote deposit capture, allows a business customer to deposit checks right from their place of business; saving a daily trip to the bank. Here’s how it works. Customers use a desktop scanner connected to their PC and the Internet to scan checks and electronically deposit them into their business account(s). 

Merchant capture allows you to streamline your check deposit process to better manage your receivables, gives you the added convenience to make deposits when it is convenient for you, and reduces time and money spent on courier fees or trips to the bank.

A real-world example of how merchant capture can save a customer time, but also help streamline the process is when one customer was looking to have all four locations, in four different communities, deposit into the same account. The users were assigned by location, allowing the corporate office to easily identify the source of funds and expedite the reconciliation process. All deposits are captured and an image is available. 

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