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Be Aware of Zelle-Related Phishing Texts

Phishing is the practice of sending emails or texts messages claiming to be from a reputable company in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information such as passwords, credit cards numbers or other online credentials. With phishing attempts, and fraud in general, on the rise, First International Bank & Trust remains dedicated to the safety and security of our customers.

There is a known scam circulating in which a fraudster sends a text claiming to be a Zelle alert asking recipients about a scheduled transfer and requesting a reply. Once the recipient replies, the sender asks for current login credentials to deactivate the transfer. Keep in mind that authentic Zelle alerts will not request login credentials and will come from a six-digit “non-phone number” (such as 767666) rather than a full ten-digit phone number. If there is ever any question as to the authenticity of an alert text, do not respond, and reach out directly to your local branch. Delete the text and block the sender if your phone is able.