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Safe and Easy Purchases with Mobile Wallet

Keep your payments contactless

COVID-19 has changed a lot of our daily activities, including how we pay. Restrictions from governments and marketplace operators now prefer contactless or cash-free transactions. Thankfully, advancements in payment technology can help ensure your personal information is secure.

Setting up mobile wallet using Google Pay or Apple Pay, depending on device, can make your transactions simpler. With either option, your primary card number is not actually used during a transaction, but tokenized instead; a method that creates a unique one time virtual account number for every purchase.

Furthermore, when you approve a purchase using your fingerprint or facial recognition on your smart device, you’re also, preventing credit card data theft as these types of payments are much more secure. If your phone is stolen or lost, you need not worry about anyone using your mobile wallet.

Many retailers are set up to receive non-contact payments. Simply hold your mobile device near the payment terminal, and once you verify the transaction on your phone, payment information is sent via radiofrequency.

In addition to making in-person payments touch-free, your mobile wallet can make online purchases even smoother. Your billing and shipping information is stored in Apple or Google pay, so all you need to do is tap the appropriate button and confirm your purchase.

Learn more to get your FIBT credit and debit cards set up to make your contactless payments through mobile wallet.

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