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Scamming the Virus

Scammers see the coronavirus as a new opportunity

By: SavvyMoney

You’d think that maybe, just maybe, scammers would take some time off with the world under attack from the coronavirus. Well, unfortunately, they aren’t. In fact, here are some scams that are popping up because of the coronavirus.

The Test. One scam involves a phony promise of a corona test kit. The scammer will call you and say something like: “If you want to receive a free testing kit delivered overnight to your home, press 1.” Then, if you press 1, you get directed to send money for the test kit. Of course, there is no coronavirus test coming. At this time, there isn’t a FDA-authorized home test for the coronavirus. They just want your money.

The Cleaners. Another scam is when a person promises to clean your home in such a way that protects you from the coronavirus. There is no 100% solution to protecting yourself from this virus. Any person claiming they have some type of secret cleaning formula is lying.

The Email. Scammers love a good phishing scam. These new scams include an email from someone claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The email will claim that there’s vital info about the coronavirus via a link. Once you click that link, you’re taken to a website that asks for your personal information. The scammers then use that info for more scams in your name.

The Supplies. Another coronavirus-related scam involves a call from someone claiming that they have special medical equipment — that can keep you safe from the virus — for sale. They’ll ask you to wire money and, of course, never send a thing. For more info on coronavirus scams, check out the FTC’s site.

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