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Be Aware of Post-Disaster Scams

Tips on preventing charity-related fraud attempts

In the wake of devastating natural disasters such as Hurricane Ida, the recent flooding near Nashville, or the wildfires on the West Coast, it’s inspiring to see how many people come together to financially help those affected. Unfortunately, it’s also a time where scammers and fraudsters try to take advantage of these situations and the people wanting to help.

Here are some ways to avoid the most common post-disaster scams:

  • Check out any organization you’re donating to. Before you make a contribution to relief efforts or donate to a charity, do your due diligence and research the organization first for legitimacy.
  • Be aware of disaster-related charity scams. There are people out there seeking to make money off other people’s suffering and misfortune. Make sure to donate wisely.
  • Protect your personal information. Real government officials won’t ask for your credit card number, bank account, or social security number via phone or email.

Visit the FTC Website for more information on spotting and preventing post-disaster scams.