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FIBT CardApp Is Here

We are excited to announce the launch of our new debit and credit card mobile application! The FIBT CardApp was made available on June 29, 2022, in both Apple and Android app stores and serves as a new improved replacement for CardValet. This new application allows you real-time access to transactional information and the ability to manage and monitor your spending.

The FIBT CardApp allows you to:

  • Instantly turn your card on and off with the click of a button
  • Set up and receive real-time alerts for all transactions
  • Report cards as lost or stolen and have your credit card automatically reissue
  • Break down your transactions by what was spent, when it was spent, and where it was spent
  • Access your digital cards within a mobile wallet
  • Control your transactions by location, merchant type, and amount

To get started with CardApp, visit the Setup Guide for instructions on how to download the app. If you have any questions, please read through the CardApp FAQ or contact Customer Care (, Card Operations (, or the Digital Team ( and they will be happy to assist you.

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