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FIBT Recognized as 2022-2023 Business of the Year

The Staples Motley Area Community Foundation (SMACF) recently recognized First International Bank & Trust (FIBT) as their 2022-2023 Business of the Year. The Staples Motley Area Community Foundation’s mission is to develop and strengthen community resources, and to enhance the quality of life of individuals, families, and organizations in and around the Staples community in Minnesota. They focus on strengthening youth and families, improving community appearance, and increasing community involvement to foster a sense of belonging. Each year, SMACF solicits nominations for awards such as Citizen of the Year, Business or Organization of the Year, and Youth of the Year.

This year, FIBT was nominated by Renee Kroll and Shane Tappe. “I am so excited they are the recipients of this award because of what they’ve done and what they’ve given back to our community,” says Kroll. “Not only in monetary ways such as to our speech program on their road to state, to every single sports booster or activity that this school has, but also to initiatives like Special Olympics, grad night, and many other things that help the youth in our community have an impact or be able to achieve the things that they want to do.”

“A bank is a building, but the people are what truly make the impact in our communities,” says Jef Cichos, Branch President at First International Bank & Trust. “We’re very grateful to Renee Kroll and Shane Tappe for the nomination. It’s nice to be nominated and awarded this based on our employees here.”

For more information, visit the FIBT Facebook page to watch the video put together by the Staples Motley Area Community Foundation.

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