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Todd Kuehnast Graduates from Barret School of Banking

Todd Kuehnast, Director of Information Security at First International Bank & Trust (FIBT) has graduated from the Barret Graduate School of Banking with summa cum laude honors.

The Barret School of Banking, located in Memphis, Tennessee, provides an adult learning experience for career-oriented individuals in commercial banking or a related financial services business. The school offers a three-year graduate program with over 130 hours of classroom instruction focused on providing an advanced banking education.

Todd chose to pursue the graduate program at the Barret School of Banking to gain a deeper understanding of the banking industry. “With the ever-evolving nature of banking, I recognized the need for advanced education to stay ahead of industry trends and to be able to contribute even more effectively to FIBT,” Todd said. “The program provided me with a deeper understanding of key areas such as financial analysis, balance sheet management, strategic planning, leadership, and risk management. The insights I gained into these areas and the latest industry trends will help me ensure that we stay up to date and competitive in the areas I help manage.”

Todd has been with First International Bank & Trust for seven years. As the Director of Information Security, he plays an instrumental role in developing and implementing security policies, procedures and protocols to protect the bank’s data and information systems. He is FIBT’s second employee to graduate from the Barret School of Banking; in 2021, Director of IT and Operations Shannon Hammeren became FIBT and North Dakota’s first-ever graduate from the program.

Congratulations, Todd, on this great accomplishment!