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Fraud Prevention

At First International Bank & Trust, we work hard to protect you from fraud

Protecting yourself from fraud is important. We have compiled the best information regarding fraud, so read on and learn more!

To report fraud, please contact us at


• If the card reader jiggles – move to a different ATM/location
• Cover your hand when entering your 4 digit PIN
• Be suspicious of odd looking equipment on or near an ATM
• Do not write your PIN on the card

Cashier’s Checks

• Research who you are dealing with – Google the company
• Be cautious of checks that are more than the purchase price
• Receiving a letter that states you won a foreign lottery
• Be leery if there is a request to send funds quickly

Debit & Credit Cards

• Draw a line through blank spaces on a sales receipt so the total cannot be changed
• Do not sign blank sales receipts
• Utilize Verified by Visa
• Do not carry cards that you do not use


• Do not give out any personal information
• Be aware of callers who ask for money first
• Be cautious of phone calls that want you to enter your account information to keep your account open
• Be careful of callers that state they are a relative and they need money because they are in trouble

Internet Scams

• Something that sounds too good to be true
• Do not fall victim to “free money” or “Gift Cards”
• An ad that states you will receive large sums of money for minimal work

General Information

• Monitor your monthly bank/credit card statements for suspicious activity
• Notify FIBT of any changes to mailing/physical address, phone numbers, email etc.
• Notify FIBT regarding any major life changes so we can update your accounts and personal information
• If you suspect fraud close existing account, debit card or credit card and re-open